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Inundated with various security tools, analysts rarely have time to investigate and remediate all threats. Analyst1 eliminates labor-intensive tasks required to understand which threats matter most. Built by analysts for the enterprise, Analyst1 allows the ability to author, test and deploy effective countermeasures across multiple intrusion detection and prevention systems.
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Automated Actionable Threat Intelligence Using Analyst1

Analyst1 provides a centralized location to collect and analyze evidence of malicious activity and manage indicators. We maintain traceability between evidence, indicators, rules and sensors to identify why a rule was created, the type of activity it detects, and what sensors are tasked.

Absolute Ransom: Nation-State Ransomware

Several criminals who run or participate in organized cybercrime have been named and charged for their offenses in US federal indictments. Despite the criminal charges, the Russian government protects the individuals behind the attacks. It does not consider their ransomware attacks a crime as long as they do not target Russian organizations. We know the Russian government is allowing the attacks, which raises the question: Is Russia behind or in some way supporting ransomware attacks?

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