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Executive Interview with Armis Co-Founder, Nadir Izrael & Richard Stiennon, Demo Forum

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A Complete & Comprehensive Asset Knowledgebase with Armis

Mike Atkinson, a Sales Engineer at Armis will cover the subject of CAASM and how the Armis Platform can help you achieve Asset inventory and visibility to manage your attack surface. He will then show you how this done within the product.

Armis United Asset Intelligence for the Hybrid Work Environment

Curtis SImpson, the CISO at Armis, will discuss Armis Unified Asset Intelligence Platform, and how it relates specifically to a hybrid work environment. He talks about how Armis can help you prioritize what matters to you and your business to gain full visibility accross your network.

Armis, the leading asset visibility and security company, provides the industry's first unified asset intelligence platform designed to address the new extended attack surface that connected assets create.

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