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Discussing Remediant's unique approach to privileged access management with JD Sherry, Chief Strategy Officer. With the recent Solarwinds cyber attack fresh in our minds, preventing these types of intrusions and lateral movement have become a crucial challenge to solve now.
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Bring Zero Trust to Privileged Users. Stop ransomware fast. Remove 24x7 admin rights. Administer precisely, Just-in-Time

Remediant prevents ransomware and other sophisticated intrusions by removing 24x7 administrator rights from endpoints and adding back only what is needed, Just-in-Time. Stop lateral movement, deploy without agents, continuously discover hidden admin rights.

Remediant Deep Dive

This deep dive shows how Remediant blocks ransomware and other intrusions by removing admin rights from endpoints, stopping lateral movement, without agents.

Why Most PAM Implementations Fail: Move from Just-In-Case to Just-In-Time

Join Remediant to: learn the five reasons why privilege access management implementations fail; identify areas in your IAM program where you can reduce admin access risk; and capitalize on existing investments, while improving your risk posture.

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