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Challenging Zero Trust with Real-World Data Centers: Richard Stiennon discusses Guardicore's approach to segmentation with co-founder and CEO Pavel Gurvich. Guardicore provides a Zero Trust platform where customers apply Zero Trust principles across networks, workloads, users, devices, visibility, and analytics.
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Achieving Zero Trust with Guardicore

Believing is seeing. Based on Forrester's 5 steps to Zero Trust, see how microsegmentation can reduce both TCO and risk, at lightning speed.

Achieving Zero Trust with Guardicore Centra

The last place you want Zero-Trust is in the platform you're utilizing. See how Guardicore has you covered in every aspect of ZT from cloud to identity and everything in between.

Challenging Zero Trust with Real World Data Centers

What does Zero Trust look like in real life? This discussion will turn the theoretical into a real-world application both in and outside the data center.

Guardicore is the segmentation company disrupting the legacy firewall market. Our software-only approach is decoupled from the physical network, providing a faster alternative to firewalls. Built for the agile enterprise, Guardicore offers greater security and visibility in the cloud, data-center and endpoint

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Isolation / Segmentation