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Executive Overview

Richard Stiennon discusses Ericom's Zero Trust Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) cloud service with Ericom's Chief Product Officer, John Peterson. RBI brings a zero-trust approach to web security and phishing prevention
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Zero Trust Remote Browser Isolation protects users and devices from 100% of web-based malware, even zero-days

Ericom protects devices by moving web browsing off endpoints to remote cloud containers. This process effectively "air-gaps" endpoints, protecting them - and the networks they connect to - from all web-based malware and phishing attacks.

Ericom is a provider of Zero Trust cybersecurity solutions that protect organizations from web and email security threats. Leveraging innovative remote browser isolation (RBI) and microsegmentation technologies, Ericom's cloud-delivered solutions keep users connected, productive and secure.

Zero Trust Categories:
Network Security
Isolation / Segmentation